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Exhibition | AMA gallery 30.8.-23.9.2008

"Of all the shapes in the world I love the circle the most. It is perfect in its circleness. I'm always coming up with new subjects that provide me with the pretext to indulge my desire to paint and draw the circle over and over again."
In addition to circles, painter Lotta Määttänen's works are characterized by a seeming naivety, sincerely light-headed elegance, affinity with nature and giving shape to what's left unsaid. This exhibition comprises weeping pearls, crying flowers, singing mussels and women dressed in 19th century styles, streamers escaping their underskirts to invade large parts of the canvas with their active weightlessness. After the yellow and red periods, broken tones dominate the palette.

The observant artist finds inspiration by leaving her studio to draw in new environments. For example, the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki provided stage-related subjects such as the mussel that has just popped its shell open and seems to be sitting down and singing, possibly some kind of an enticing siren song. The pearl, sad but brightened by weeping, refers to the anguished process of giving birth - perhaps as a metaphor for creating a work of art.

Virpi Wuori-Valtaoja
Galleria Ama, Helsinki

The exhibition has been supported by The Arts Council of Finland and Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Catalog | Lotta Määttänen | Paintings 2002–2004

Catalog was printed in 2004 and it includes Marjaana Niskala’s essay about my paintings and 12 photographs of paintings.
You can download the catalog in PDF format or order a printed version by mail (please ask details by email).

The Artotheque | Helsinki Artists’ Association

At the Artotheque web gallery you can see some of my paintings. The works may be rented by paying a monthly fee 10-200€ determined by the price of the work. Once the full price has been paid, ownership of the work transfers to the holder. Alternatively art works may be purchased outright. Customers can be private persons, corporations or organizations.
The Artotheque displays works of art by members of the Helsinki Artists’ Association, which is comprised of over 600 notable professional artists. The selection of art work includes paintings, drawings, graphic arts, sculptures and photographs.

Visual Artists’ Internet Registry

You can find my introduction at the Internet Registry. The Registry displays 2300 Finnish artists and professional artists living in Finland. All forms of visual arts are covered, including: painting, sculpture, graphic art / printmaking, art photography, media art, video art, environmental art, and performance art.

Group exhibition | Intersection - Between Past and Future

Pori Art Museum, Finland, 2006
Finnish contemporary art is at the height of it's popularity today. It is internationally recognized as interesting and of an exceptionally high standard. The Pori Art Museum will celebrate the museum´s 25th anniversary by preparing a review of topical art in Finland in the spirit of Maire Gullichsen´s collection of art. Intersection – Between Past and Future will consist of three sections.
There are ten artists featured in the exhibition: Elina Brotherus, Kyllikki Haavisto, Pertti Kekarainen, Ola Kolehmainen, Lotta Määttänen, Anna Tuori and Marko Vuokola. Markus Kåhre´s work will be in the Project Room. Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen will exhibit in the Sculpture Yard.


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